Hypnotherapist Sandra Lal


Throughout my professional life I have worked extensively and closely with individuals, families, young people and children. The vast majority of whom have experienced difficulties of some type or other. Simultaneously I have observed my peers and experienced myself, how stress and anxiety can effect us all. These stresses and anxieties can be caused by a variety of things and in themselves can also lead to a variety of further difficulties, which includes physical illness. I believe that all illness begin in the mind.

Alongside my professional pathway, I have always sought to walk a spiritual pathway. This includes meditation, Buddhism and learning about other spiritual matters. My reading introduced me to hypnotherapy, and once I had reached my retirement age I planned to train as a hypnotherapist. I have successfully achieved this, my thinking has been that if I could help people to overcome stress and anxiety, then I have helped a great deal in their lives. I have indeed helped many in this regard and in addition I have been able to help with autoimmune desease too. I am now a practicing hypnotherapist and my training continues at a more advanced level.

Qualifications and Membership of professional bodies

  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills (Distinction) accredited by Royal College of Nursing education initiative;
  • I am on an Accredited Voluntary Register (AVR) that has been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. AVR was set up by the Government to improve standards and safety for the benefit of the public;
  • National Hypnotherapy Society Professional Member designated MHS (click on logo in footer, to find out more);
  • BA(Hons) Professional Practice, School of Social Work and Psychosocial Studies, University of East Anglia (UEA);
  • Post Qualifying Certificate in Advanced Professional Practice with Children and Families, UEA;
  • Post Qualifying Award in Social Work, General Social Care Council (GSCC), UEA;
  • Post Qualifying Award in Social Work Part 1, Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work (CCETSW), UEA;
  • Practice Teaching Award, CCETSW, Anglia Polytechnic University (APU);
  • Diploma of Higher Education in Social Work, APU;
  • Diploma in Social Work, CCETSW, APU;
  • Previously registered with the GSCC from 2006 - 2012;
  • Last CRB Enhanced Disclosure, November 2009.